Hong Kong People Management Association


Hong Kong People Management Association is a voluntary professional human resources management body which strives to advance the art of effective human resource management, promotes harmonious employer and employee relations and facilitates the exchanges of ideas and experience on good management practices. Members are human resource professionals from different industry sectors.

Founded in 1969, the Association was registered as "Kwun Tong Personnel Management Association", because most members were working in Kwun Tong at that time. The Association has expanded steadily throughout the years and re-named as "Hong Kong Industrial Relations Association" in April 1979.

In the past decade, Hong Kong has been undergoing phenomenal social and economic changes and has shifted from a manufacturing base to become one of the leading international business hubs in the world. Such changes have accelerated the economic interface with Mainland China and other parts of the world; and have driven Hong Kong to become a knowledge-based economy. Many of our members therefore believe it is now opportune to establish a new identity for the Association to appropriately reflect the multi-faceted characteristics of Hong Kong.

Following a series of consultation, invitation to members to submit suggestions for new name and voting by members, the Executive Committee held an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on September 20, 2001 and passed the resolution to change the name of Hong Kong Industrial Relations Association to Hong Kong People Management Association.

Under the new name, the non-profit making Hong Kong People Management Association will continue to promote the Association's fine tradition in building and enhancing the relationship of employees and employers while also taking into account the urge to develop talents and human resource professionals in a knowledge-based economy.