Hong Kong People Management Association


The Hong Kong People Management Association (HKPMA) has formed a partnership with the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) since the Year 2002 in establishing the HRM Mentoring Program with the following objectives:

  • To encourage leaders in human resources management to develop aspiring professionals
  • To offer opportunities for students to grow and build self-esteem through a positive and supportive professional relationship
  • To reflect HKPMA’s mission to add value to the business community and the society as a whole.

This Mentoring Program has received very good comments from both mentors and mentees as well as many reputable organizations in the community. It has been regarded as one of the most successful HRM Mentoring Programs in Hong Kong. The number of mentors was eight when we started the program and currently we have over 80 mentors joining us. It is very encouraging.

Now, the joint partnership has two HRM Mentoring Programs for the students of the Hong Kong Baptist University:

  1. HKPMA / HKBU - HRM Mentoring Program since Year 2002
    – Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) in HRM (Kowloon Tong Campus)
  2. HKPMA / HKBU – HRM Mentoring Program since Year 2011
    – Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in HRM (Shek Mun Campus)